We honor the origin of our ingredients to create products that address physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing; performing rigorous third-party lab testing to ensure their quality and potency.

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Ladybug Potions® was founded by two women on a mission to connect mind, body, and spirit. 

Ladybug Potions was founded on the principle of seamlessly integrating ancient practices with modern science. From our shared experience as modern women, mothers, wellness explorers, and truth seekers, we both noticed a direct correlation between the quality of our physical, mental and emotional health; so we set out to create a brand that helps to harmonize all three.


We have both long held the belief that true wellness can only be achieved by harmonizing the mind, body, and spirit; and saw first-hand on our own wellness journeys how many of the exact same ingredients used in our potions can help to do just that - with many other benefits neither of us ever expected. While we may live in the age of the unattainable standards set forth by highly filtered social media feeds; plant-based medicine is a potent yet natural alternative to the quick-fix drugs, crash diets, and harmful 'detoxes' we so often see plastered all over those platforms.


Our hope in offering these products is to share what we have learned works along the way, and illuminate a healthier and more holistic path to whole body wellness for our customers. We honor the origin of our ingredients to create plant-based products that are backed by science. We also perform rigorous third-party lab testing to ensure each one of our Potions meet quality and potency guidelines to address physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing from within. 

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