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Easy Flower Arranging Tips to Bring You Instant Joy!

Updated: Nov 29, 2021

You may love flowers and admire professional arrangements but don’t know how to get that look at home. Don’t fret! At Ladybug Potions, we believe joy should be experienced on a daily basis and is best when done so effortlessly. That is why we are sharing some easy flower arranging tips with you that will take the hassle away and bring in all the joyful pleasure!

Stems & Leaves:

  • Clean stems and remove any leaves that will hit the water line. This helps avoid rotting stems and dirty water.

  • Cut stems at a 45 degree angle. For stems that are thick and hard to cut, smash the ends gently instead


  • Arrange the flowers as you want while holding them in your hand. Pro tip: Hold the arrangement towards the top while doing this to get a better view and more control.

  • Once you have the shape you want, wrap the stems in clear elastic, rubber band, floral tape, or twine. Just not too tightly!

Final Touches:

  • Cut the stems to make sure they are even.

  • Place your flowers in a container of your choice. Adjust stems as needed to achieve your desired look.

  • Add a penny to the bottom to make blooms last longer.

  • Change water every day for longer lasting flowers.


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